Arjun Syam Nair : The Karting Champ

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Today we are inroducing Arjun S Nair a well known karting racer from Bangalore.He is multi talented.Beside racing he is footballer and drummer too.

What Arjun say about him
“I am Arjun S Nair, born in Kochi, Kerala and bought up in Bangalore. I started karting in a recreational track here in Bangalore at the age of 7 in the year 2012. My passion for motorsports or anything related Automobiles were recognized by my parents at a very early age.”
His Father Syam says:
“Around the age of 4 when other kids of his age were learning how to ride cycles, Arjun spent most of his time mimicking my gear changes with a small plastic bottle which he placed in the cup holder at rear seats of the car. He never wanted to go out play with any of his Apartments friends as they always played cricket & Yes, it was “dump” game for him and even I realized the way he held a cricket bat. It was becoming more & more visible that; the roar of the engines are his musical notes and racing is where he finds ‘himself’ rather than holding a stick.”

His true passion for the sport was recognized when Arjun first went for a ride in a twin kart with his Father, as soon as laps were done, Arjun immediately asked him for another chance to be on the track again in the kart, His father told him that he wouldn’t be accompanying Arjun in the kart this time, to which he simply responded by saying “I didn’t ask you to come with me”, and that was the first of many many more laps to come. Arjun then started going to the track weekly which soon turned into daily chore for him & Of Course, He did enjoy seeing his name on the Best Lap timings board of the day which only improved with time.

First professional practices and races: (Arjun Says;)
I went on my first professional practice at the age of 8 in Hyderabad with team Meco motorsports, whose team principal is Mr. Akbar Ebrahim or as I call him Akbar Uncle. My first conversations with Akbar uncle wasn’t all too friendly at all as I had upset him by accidently doing a donut in the pitlane after coming back from a practice session out of excitement but, everyone needs a Mentor or a Guru in their life who could point out their rights and wrongs and make us better overall, and my Guru has been Akbar uncle, Who is the Drona of Indian Motorsports and that’s a treasure for my life.

My first race as a professional driver came at the Rookie Cup or Kart Open in the year 2013 where I finished 3rd also being the youngest driver in the grid and winner at the time. I then went on to win my first ever race which took place in extremely damp and cold conditions. (simply I love to be called as the Rain master (Yes, I love driving in rain)!
I also clinched 3rd in the micro max FMSCI National Karting Championship in the Micro category (2016). The very next year (2017), I went on to the junior category where I was chosen to represent India in the CIK-FIA KARTING ACADEMY TROPHY conducted in Belgium and France & Finland, Thanks to Akbar Uncle and FMSCI for giving me this opportunity to represent my country (Indeed, I am proud of it)

Inspiration and Idols:
Ayrton Senna was a true inspiration to me, his philosophy “ I am not designed to come 2nd or 3rd, I’m designed to win”, the way he danced his car around the circuit when it rained or the aggression he showed or how much of a fierce competitor he was on the track was truly what inspired me. Cristiano Ronaldo, the man is a machine, his work ethics and the amount of hard work he put into bettering his craft would inspire any athlete not just me. Lastly my mom, let it be a race win or a poor race from my part I can always count on her to be by my corner and support me through anything. The talks I have with my mom always helps me take my mind of all the madness for a bit before I let it loose on the track.
Struggles of being part of this vast sport:
According to his parents, maintaining Arjun’s physical and equally his mental fitness has been one of the hardest things to achieve and always been a long continual process.
Arjun says, once you have achieved said physical and mental fitness, the feeling you get when driving the kart is surreal or simply ecstatic. Maintaining a well-balanced diet is also very important as your body needs good food to support the strain you put on your body during a race weekend or a normal workout session. As a developing racer I used to feel a lot of pressure to perform before my races, but as I have progressed through the field, I have realized that talks with Mom & Music helps tremendously with calming the nerves and putting the adrenaline on hold before the race.
Humble Achievements:
• 2013 Rotax max kart open (Rookie cup) – 2nd Runner up
• 2016 Rotax micro max National Karting championship – 2nd Runner up.
• Nominated to represent India in CIK-FIA Academy trophy 2017, Europe
• 2018 x30 Junior max National Vice Champion
• 2018 of Kart Cross attack Champion
• 2019 x30 Junior max National Vice Champion

Outside Karting:
• Avid soccer lover /player and part of New Horizon Gurukul Football team.
Trained with Boca Juniors, Bangalore.
• Level-3 Certificatied in Rock & Pop Drums from Trinity school of Music, London.

Some Questions:

Who is your favorite childhood race car driver? Maybe someone who inspired you to want to be a driver too.

If I am saying that my Dad has not been influenced me, then I must be lying to the world.

Do you think racing games or video game simulators can give an advantage to drivers before entering a race?

Of course Yes !Getting practice in Motorsports is a lot harder than in any another sports because you need so much more equipment like cars, tires, safety equipment’s, safety personnel and obviously a track & track time. IMO, If technology can emulate this & close down the gap, Why not ?

What makes an excellent racing driver?

In my opinion an excellent driver is driver who is well aware of his strengths & weakness. An excellent driver would devote a huge part of his time on the track on ironing out his mistakes/weaknesses. He should have perfect understanding of the machine, he should know the track and how to drive the track in order to extract those milli /micro seconds which won’t come cheap. That said, It’s a no-brainer that he should be on top his physical and mental health.

What has been your greatest accomplishment to date?

A:Representing my country in the CIK FIA Academy trophy has been a huge honour for me.

What was the first win you got in motorsports?

My first win came in Kolhapur 2016 in challenging conditions while I was racing in the Rotax Max National Karting Championship – Micro category.

What’s your personal code of conduct on the track?

On the track every driver is a fierce competitor, racing hard , fighting for positions & I am not different either, I try to keep my racing fair and clean. We are involved in a competitive sport which requires sportsmanship and huge respect to the fellow competitors. We race wheel to wheel and with that comes certain moments, but as a driver I leave whatever happens on the track on the track.

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