Raunaq Sinha : Racer,Athlete and swimmer

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Raunaq Sinha born on 15th March 2007, was nurtured and brought up under racing influence as his father was an avid motorsport enthusiast as well as a competitive dirt bike rider. At the young age of 4, he was introduced to Speed as, he was gifted an electric Go- Kart for his 4th Birthday. He fell in love with it but the tipping point for his love for the thrill of speed was when on his 5th Birthday his father gifted him a 50cc Dirt Bike.
It was at this moment when he was introduced to Formula 1 and started idolizing Lewis Hamilton who at the time was driving for the McLaren Racing F1 team.

In December 2014, he went for his first training session with Meco Motorsports in Hyderabad and fell in love with the sport the very first session on the kart.
Meco’s Base change from Hyderabad to Bangalore posed challenges for Raunaq’s career as he had no professional trainers to help him. He and his father didn’t give up and started training on their own at the chicane circuit going at least twice every week for 5-6 hours. In 2016 Raunaq participated in the IndiKarting 4-Stroke National Championship. At the first round of the season held in Pune, he shone winning a race in his first-ever event, Although with an amazing start to the season the following races didn’t go too well for him.

The defining moment was in Delhi post the final round of the IndiKarting Championship, heartbroken and wanted to give up the sport for good. After clocking some of the fastest laps consistently, his chances for the podium were looking good, till it started to rain drowning all his efforts. But he recovered and pulled himself up and thus getting the mental strength to survive failures in life.
After 2 Weeks of solid testing with the Asian Champions Prodigy Racing and its owner Wai-Leong, he returned to India to join Birel ART. In his 1st race,2017 Rookie Cup, he twisted his Chassis Frame beyond repair, after an accident. Then he came back for the 4th round to drive with Peregrine Racing in which he came 3rd in the Mini-Max category. Due to his tall physique for a Micro Max Kart, in a surprise move for everybody, he decided to move up to the Junior Max Category. He Loved it. He said, “The faster I go the better I feel”.

2018 onwards, due to the situations beyond his control and lack of proper support, he was unable to perform to his potential. After showing promising performance, due to budget issues, he could not participate in the 2019 season.
Believing in “ Don’t wait for the storms of your life to pass. Learn to dance in the rain”, he started to utilize his learnings and fitness from motorsports to compete in other sports.
He started to compete in Athletic and Swimming Competitions getting podiums in most of the Inter School Competitions. He was named the best athlete of the 2019-20 academic year for the middle school section.
His athletic and swimming laurels are direct benefits of the fitness regime he went through for his racing career, Football is a passion fueled by his dedication and interest of the sport.

He has used his fitness to develop Speed and Acceleration and has been chosen as a Right Winger for his School Football Team.
With the 2020 season inevitably tough to map out due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Raunaq hopes to return to the world of karting in 2021.
Let me go ahead and promise all of you, If and when I am back “You can look at me and see the storm coming. Read the book of my life and see I’ve overcome it.”

Some Questions:

Who inspired you to start karting and when you started?

My father introduced me to karting.I started when I was 7.

What is your strength and weakness?
I would say strength is my determination towards anything I choose to do.

What you do to for your physical fitness?

I do skipping,Squats and Push ups and regularly play football.

Who is your favourite F1 driver and why?

My favourite F1 driver is Lewis Hamilton because he has the correct mindset which you would expect from a sportsman. I also like his Flair and his Flamboyance.

What were the biggest challenges you faced during racing and how your family supported you?

Even when my father wasn’t able to take me testing since he was on contract he would still immediately analyse my data as soon as my session was over.

Tell us about your sports achievements in school?

I have won many medals for my school in swimming
I was named the best athlete of middle school
I am also a part of my school football team

How do you prefer to spend your free time?
My favourite thing to do to pass time is to play football,swim and do something with my friends

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